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Dean & Cheryl Harfst

Mason City, IL
Dean Cell: (309) 361-1530
Email: harfst@casscomm.com

Robby Harfst & Danette McCann
Jacksonville, OR
Cell: (541) 840-1569
Email: robby@lazy-r.com


The Harfst family's central Illinois agricultural roots spring from a self-sufficient grain and livestock farm dating back several generations to the early 1900's. The operation included hand-milked dairy cows, non-registered Hereford beef cows, Duroc hogs, and Leghorn chickens, along with raising corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and alfalfa hay.

In 1963, Dean and Cheryl Harfst purchased their first registered Hereford cattle. Over the years, they have worked hard to improve the quality of the herd through the extensive use of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer. Today, the herd consists of an elite group of cows utilizing both horned and polled genetics. Our goal is to produce efficient, well-balanced Hereford cattle that have the pedigrees and phenotype to excel in the showring and in the pasture.

Dean and Cheryl have three children; Gina, Robby, and Jonathan. Gina and Robby began showing Herefords in 1973 as 4-H projects. Since the late 1970's, the Harfst family has exhibited Herefords at numerous State Fairs, Jr. Nationals and National Hereford shows. After competing in 14 Junior Nationals, Jonathan punctuated the end of his junior career in 2005 by winning the Senior Showmanship and Herdsman awards. In 2006, Robby's sons, Austin and Mitchell, exhibited Herefords for the first time.

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